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Drummer For Ballroom Competitions

Since 2005, elevating your Brand Value by positively impacting your team and clients with memorable experiences, attached to your brand.

Why hire Mr.BongoMan?


Hospitality Experience

Performed 2.5 years aboard 6 Celebrity Cruise ships on 4 continents and 33 countries, voted Best Premium Cruise Line.


Soft Sets

Mr.BongoMan can play at low volumes for ambiance with a Lounge DJ, perfect for networkers where you want to make an impact.


Full Party

Memorable moments that attach to your Brand is what Mr.BongoMan does best; party with confidence!

Mr.BongoMan setup is plug and play; zero hassle!

Comes ready with microphones!

Can perform with your in-house DJ!

Can also provide you with top class DJs!

Last minute gigs are welcomed.

Mr.BongoMan is expensive, but if you want the best...

Best for: Lounges, martini bars, roof tops bars, pool parties, sunset/beach parties, corporate, networkers, weddings, and even staff parties. Almost anywhere your DJ spins.

​ ✅ Professional: Presentable, well spoken (English, Spanish and some Portuguese), can fulfill schedules, can follow orders and take the lead if necessary.

 ✅ Revenue Maker: Guest satisfaction metrics, evidenced by reviews, reflect positive experiences after an event with Mr.BongoMan.

 ✅ Brand Value: Notably, some clients recount lasting, cherished memories associated with Mr.BongoMan's performances, even years later. This positive memory attaches to your Brand.

 ✅ Understands the Hospitality Industry: Trained by Ritz-Carlton upper management in hospitality and house keeping. Received hospitality training while performing (6 month contracts) aboard 5 different Celebrity Cruises ships; voted Best Luxury Cruise Line.

 ✅ Versatility: More than a musician; Mr.BongoMan can perform in many venues under different conditions. Soft sets and Loud Sets, Day time and Night time, Networker and Parties. Adapting to any situation seamlessly is part of Mr.BongoMan's expertise.

 ✅ ​​Experience: Mr.BongoMan's first hotel was a season long performance at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach in 2011. From there the list has grown to include the high-end establishments around Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach most popular destinations. The cruise ship experiences brought a combination of luxury resort and casino lifestyle which Mr.BongoMan really enjoys. Also performed in Macau China, the Las Vegas of Asia.

 ✅ Travel Ready: With 2 passports available (US & Costa Rica) and 4 Continents already visited (The Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe + the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean) Mr.BongoMan is Travel Ready!


To give your brand, guests, and staff the best performance on and off the stage always is Mr.BongoMan's #1 priority.


Entertainment Company for

Corporate Events

Steven Boyle

Owner of SB Events Company

(954) 214-6214

Steven Boyle.jpg

Heineken Promo South Florida


During our time working together, Esteban was an integral part of our branding team. Executing Heineken sampling events while simultaneously conducting performances at over 100 top accounts throughout the Miami area proved to be a tall task...but Esteban's strong work ethic and expert command of the drums helped make our events hugely successful. Esteban's calm demeanor and positive attitude make him a pleasure to work with, and his punctuality and good communication skills allow for a worry-free environment. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Mr.BongoMan again soon!


 Gabriel Moreno

 Event Management Consultant

 Miami, FL


Equinox Gym


Hi Esteban,

It was so wonderful having your incredible bongo talent to accompany our rides. People loved it!  Thank you for volunteering your time and making the event even more special for all.







Jessica Shweky
Senior Account Manager
LeadDog Marketing Group, Inc.



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