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Why hiring Mr.BongoMan is a simple decision:


​Ex-military (USN): Presentable, can fulfill schedules, follow orders and take the lead if necessary.

Understands Your Needs: Trained by Ritz-Carlton upper management in hospitality and house keeping. Received hospitality training while performing (6 month contracts) aboard 5 different Celebrity Cruises ships; voted Best Luxury Cruise Line.

Versatility: More than a musician; Mr.BongoMan can perform in different venues under different conditions. Soft sets for your Lobby - Grand Foyer, Pool day/night, Sunset mixes (beach fronts), Martini Bars, Lounges and Casinos. Party sets for Martini Bars, Lounges, Clubs and Pool or Beach Parties. Can perform in the theater for special events or moments like a drum roll to the Captain's presentation. Fitness sets for spinning class or Zumba. Promotional events and photo shoots for your marketing. Museum events and glass shows. Special events for guests and staff. Adapting to any of your DJs seamlessly is part of Mr.BongoMan's expertise.

​​20 years of performing experience: Mr.BongoMan's first hotel was a season long performance at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach in 2011. From there the list has grown to include the high-end establishments around Miami's most popular destinations. The cruise ship experiences brings a combination of luxury resort and casino lifestyle which Mr.BongoMan really enjoys. Also performed a full month in Macau China, the Las Vegas of Asia.


Travel Ready: With 2 passports available (US & Costa Rica) and 4 Continents already visited (The Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe + the Pacific Islands) Mr.BongoMan is Travel Friendly!


To give your brand, guests and staff the best performance on and off the stage always is Mr.BongoMan's #1 priority.


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